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How to improve your Barcode Labeling Accuracy

large warhauseLabeling is one of the most important mission-critical to organizations’ overall supply chain management and traceability initiatives. A warehouse labeling system can help you keep track of all these containers as they move through each point of your operation (this includes labeling for your containers as well as identification labels for your aisles, warehouse racks and bins). Organized systems not only help workers locate products, but they also create a trail of logs that allow for fast identification and the correction of errors in your supply chain.

Depending on your business’s warehousing purposes, there are several types of warehouse labels to choose from. Each of these items can be used together to streamline warehouse organization and make sure workers can easily identify every section, rack, and carton. Some of the most common types of labeling include:

  • Floor labels
  • Rack labels
  • Product labels
  • Workspace labels

VDC Research, a leading authority in barcode software industry analysis, is sharing a report that they developed helping companies understand how to improve their supply chain warehousing and operational performance by using the right labeling strategies. To download the report please visit the publisher Peerless Media 



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