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Insurance Certificate Holder

Insurance Certificate Holder #

A Certificate Holder is an entity that receives a Certificate of Insurance from an insurer to evidence the type and amount of coverage afforded to the insured. Certificate Holders are typically provided notification of changes in coverage or cancellation of coverage. Certificate holders do not receive coverage or defense under the insured’s policy.

Who needs to be a Certificate Holder? #

Shippers, brokers, and carriers should always request Certificate Holder status from downstream service providers. Shippers should request Certificate Holder status from brokers and carriers, and brokers should request Certificate Holder status from carriers. Carriers should request Certificate Holder status from independent contractor drivers that obtain their own insurance.

Why does a Dispatcher Needs to be Named? #

Your dispatcher represents your company in front of the Shippers and Brokers and needs to provide copies of your insurance certificates. By being included as a certificate holder, the dispatcher will be able to receive any updates done to your insurance policy and keep your carrier package up to date, saving you time and helping keeping you earning.



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