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Dispatchers that work for you

Dry Vans | Flatbed | Reefer | Power Only

  • We dispatch in your language:
  • Load Planning and High Rate Negotiation
  • Accessorial and Detention Collection
  • Billing and Invoice Processing
  • No forced dispatching
  • Supporting new authority companies
  • Easy-to-use driver app
  • Smartphone billing documentation upload

Inloso Dispatch Services

We help owner/operators and small trucking companies with one to five trucks to find the best freight load rates possible. With over 15 years of experience in the logistics industry, our dispatchers will negotiate with shippers and brokers to get you the highest rates and keep you inform you about your transport options. From driving preferences, to financing and even supplemental insurance to meet the shipper requirements we have you covered.

The difference is in our service

Our dispatchers are here to help you achieve the quality of life that you want. Spending too much time looking for loads instead of earning?  Want to be home every weekend, or do you prefer to be OTR? Do you prefer local, regional, or national lanes? Any cities you prefer to go (or to avoid)? Our dispatchers will work with you to be sure we meet your needs. Let us know your driving preferences, and we work with you to find you the right cargo, in the right place, at the right time, and for the right price.

English, Spanish, Portuguese. We dispatch in your language

Our dispatchers are here to help you get your business moving in your language.

Get paid in days, not weeks.

Waiting weeks to get paid by the shipper? Do you know the credit rating of the shipper or the broker? We’ll screen the shipper or broker in advance, work with your factoring company, and help you submit your invoices for payment. Just complete your load, send us a copy of your signed BOL using our smartphone app, and we process the payment request to the shipper, broker, or to your factoring company right away. No paper, no sweat, no delays.

Technology based to make your life easier

From freight bid and status updates to signed BOLs and POD for payments, our easy to use smartphone app will help you reduce the time you need to spend making and answering phone calls.

New Authority? We can help.

Are you ready to get on the road but finding that some brokers or shippers won’t work with your new authority? Let us help you get on the road, get paid, and start building your business.

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