Venezuela: Chavez death could indicate the beginning of the end.

Hugo Chavez has died of Cancer as announced by the Maduro the current country VP.

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Maduro Venezuela’s VP (Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/ABr) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After more than 3 months with very little news and speculations from the opposition that he had been death for over a month, finally today the Venezuelan government has finally announced that Hugo Chavez has died from cancer. One of the most interesting aspects of this news is that so far there are no news coming from Cuba either recognizing, or offering their formal condolences for Chavez departure after he spend his last months there undergoing cancer treatment. It’s also interesting that just a few days ago the Venezuelan government announced that Chavez was transported back to the country from Cuba after a remission of his cancer, but quickly announced that he had gotten worst again and that it was undergoing additional treatment in a local military base away from the country’s press and opposition news.

As it is normal for dictatorial regimes, the VP has accused the opposition, the U.S. and pretty much anyone he can find of being responsible for Chavez cancer and recent death. It is no different from Cuba’s classical take on the U.S. which is blamed for everything that goes wrong with Cuba since Jan, 1959. During his speech Maduro requested the country’s police, military, and militant masses to stand up to the traitors and capitalist spies that were responsible for Chavez sickness and Venezuela’s economic debacle. What was missing from his speech was any recognition to Chavez destruction of Venezuela’s economic development, and the increased corruption, inflation, and crime in the country.

What does it means for Venezuelan?

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For now nothing has formally changed in the country. Chavez government is still on power based on the last election something that could probably be challenged by the opposition since he was never formally confirmed in person as the current president of the country. Potentially in the next few days the opposition will coordinate their efforts, and could potentially launch a challenge to the current government through the legal and political tools available to them. As it happens with many charged political events, this news could probably result in limited but severe social unrest, and people should make any necessary plans to either stay at home or simply leave the country for the next couple of weeks until the situation somehow is more clear.

What does it means for Cuba?

Alcatel-Lucent fiber connection to Cuba. (courtesy of
Alcatel-Lucent fiber connection to Cuba. (courtesy of

Cuba has been the primary beneficiary of Venezuela’s economic policies, with almost unlimited economic, oil, and telecommunications help. The majority of the oil used currently in Cuba comes directly from Venezuela, as well as the recently upgraded high speed internet service. At the same time Cuba has been able to export their excess of education, medical, and military experts who helped Chavez transform the country from a laid-back latin america nation, into one of the most polarized and militant countries in the region. Chavez demise could add additional stress to the limited economic resources in the island, and further accelerate its need to open their doors to additional economic and political changes in the country.

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