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U.S. states flirt with major tax changes

Some of the proposed changes may substantially affect your business if they are implemented. As an example in a state like North Carolina, the potential tax changes could require the current sales tax to be increased from the current 4.75% to 6.53% to cover the needs, and potentially affect the state growing tourism industry.

Que significa la re-eleccion de Barack H. Obama como presidente de los Estados Unidos para Latino America

Hoy, Barack H. Obama fue confirmado como presidente re-electo de los Estados Unidos, en una ceremonia publica en Washington, DC. El acto el cual fue televisado simultáneamente por las cadenas de televisión americanas y muchas mundiales, contó con la presencia de los dignatarios de la […]

“Tax the Rich” can affect Costa Rica Real Estate Market

It seems that the idea to tax the rich to pay for the country needs is not limited only to the U.S. and Europe, and it has been also implemented in Costa Rica. A recent decree by the Ministry of Hacienda has increased the tax […]

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