The Effects of Argentina’s Currency Devaluation in Latin America

The Effects of Argentina’s Currency Devaluation in Latin America extend beyond just their political borders, and could substantially impact the future regional growth.

For the past four years, the Argentine economy has been shaken by a string of decisions from a government that once enjoyed full approval and an economic might that seemed unparalleled and that today is being mocked for its unpreparedness and poor timing, to say the least. Yet, to understand the Argentinean problem, we have to look deeper into the roots of it and understand that it is more about a fractured political model than just a bad set of reversible policies. And that it has consequences for the entire Latin American continent.

Starting Your Own Business: From Sole Proprietorship to Multinational Corporation

Can you do it alone or do you need an organization? Now that you are ready to launch your own business and wrote the One Page Business Plan, you are trying to decide what type of legal structure you need for your new company. This could […]

De Turista a Inversionista: Nuevas Opportunidades en America Latina

De acuerdo a una información publicada por la Organización Mundial de Turismo, el turismo internacional supero los 1,000,000,000 a nivel mundial, el equivalente a un 4% de crecimiento económico para la industria. Dentro de estas cifras es bueno destacar que la región de Centroamérica creció […]

Costa Rica Business Forecast for 2014

Current studies show that the Costa Rica forecast for 2014 shows both opportunities and challenges for the current government, and questions their ability to address them.

Chile, the new hub for companies expanding into Latin America

Chile, the new hub for companies expanding into Latin America. The economy of Chile continues to be by far the most respected one in Latin America and it will continue being so for a long time. Highlights of its strengths include stability and a network of Free Trade Agreements that includes treaties with other fast-growing regions, emerging economies and mature markets.

Business Opportunities in Cuba

Cuba Sugar Industry Management and Operations: Opportunities for FDI in the management and operation of sugar cane factories in the island with a capacity for over 7,000 tons of cane day. Capital required: $30 million USD. Alcohol Distillery Design, construction, and operation of new distilleries […]

Business Opportunities and Challenges for Latin America in 2014

Opportunities and Challenges for Latin America in 2014: According to international organizations and specialists in economic matters, even though economic expansion has begun to slow down, there are still bright spots in Latin America for 2014.

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