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Brazil tightens its belt ahead of tougher years

Brazil faces new challenges in the near future In the past few weeks the markets of the world and at different levels have been rattled by a single word: “tapering”. The term which has become a synonym for the Federal Reserve System of the United […]

The Hidden Cost of Customer Service: Don’t promise what you’re not willing to do

When your customers can compare you to your competition by just clicking, bait and switch tactics can seriously backfire. Have you recently been persuaded by an advertisement (email, web site, mailer) to try a new/different product or service, just to realize that it was really […]

The Effects of Argentina’s Currency Devaluation in Latin America

The Effects of Argentina’s Currency Devaluation in Latin America extend beyond just their political borders, and could substantially impact the future regional growth.

For the past four years, the Argentine economy has been shaken by a string of decisions from a government that once enjoyed full approval and an economic might that seemed unparalleled and that today is being mocked for its unpreparedness and poor timing, to say the least. Yet, to understand the Argentinean problem, we have to look deeper into the roots of it and understand that it is more about a fractured political model than just a bad set of reversible policies. And that it has consequences for the entire Latin American continent.

Quieres Aprender a Exportar a los Estados Unidos?

Sabias que los países de Centro América y la república Dominicana combinados exportaron mas de $18,000,000,000 en productos y servicios a los E.U. en el 2009?  Dentro de estos $18 billones exportados a los E.U. estarian productos como textiles, y productos agrícolas ($6.2 billion) como […]

Que significa la re-eleccion de Barack H. Obama como presidente de los Estados Unidos para Latino America

Hoy, Barack H. Obama fue confirmado como presidente re-electo de los Estados Unidos, en una ceremonia publica en Washington, DC. El acto el cual fue televisado simultáneamente por las cadenas de televisión americanas y muchas mundiales, contó con la presencia de los dignatarios de la […]

Panama Canal Delayed 5% of the world trade could be affected for six months!

Can the world wait six months, or should we start placing our orders now to be sure they arrive on time? The Panama Canal Authority just announced that the planned expansion of the canal will has been delayed until June 2015, a full six months […]

New Interoceanic Canal in Nicaragua may compete with Panama’s for Shipping Traffic Business

Inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua as an alternative to the Panama canal.
Nicaragua will be initiating the construction of the their Inter-oceanic canal starting in 2014 or early 2015 and ending in in 2019, the work will be executed by HKND from china under a figure from grant and exploitation. With this Nicaragua will allow the passage of larger vessels between the Caribbean and the Pacific.

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