Retirement in Nicaragua: The New Promised Land

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Perfect climate, low cost, and improving political environment.

Nicaragua (Photo credit: mmcallen)

For those retirees tired of the recent monthlong snowstorms in the northern U.S. and Canada, and the stagnated economic grow rates of the U.S. Nicaragua could become the new retirement mecca. For potential retirees the country can offer more than 550 miles of coastline, an average temperature between 68-86F, and one of the lowest costs of living in the American Continent. With improved air transportation options, and an improved focus on the potential contributions of retirees to the local community, the current government could substantially increase their appeal to the current baby boom and upcoming generation X retirees looking for options to the increasingly costly living in the U.S., the insecurity of Mexico, and the current already known and more costly Panama and Costa Rica.

Nicaragua’s current cost of living could allow retirees with even the very basic social security income to comfortably live in the country with about $700 a mo. If their retirement income reaches the $1,500 mo. figure, they could even afford living in a beach resort, frequent golf courses, and many other opportunities for dining out, travel, and to enjoy the local spas according to the Grand Pacifica Resort Adiak Barahona

English: Aerial view Nicaragua-Costa Rica bord...
English: Aerial view Nicaragua-Costa Rica border at the Pacific side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The current potential of Nicaragua has not been unnoticed, and even the recognized expats magazine International Living, is currently offering a contest that will offer the winning person/couple up to $1,500 mo. in living expenses to document their one month experience in the city of Granada. In addition to the contest there is a new retirement community development being launched in the internationally recognized Big Corn Island of Nicaragua. It seems that at least the real estate and expat oriented companies are starting to realize the potential of Nicaragua, and that a relatively small focus by the government could result in a substantial payout for the country and the initial investment companies in the long run.

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