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Venezuela: Chavez death could indicate the beginning of the end.

Hugo Chavez has died of Cancer as announced by the Maduro the current country VP. After more than 3 months with very little news and speculations from the opposition that he had been death for over a month, finally today the Venezuelan government has finally […]

Venezuela Un(official) dollar exchange?: Bad news for small business..

Is the Venezuelan government competing with the street vendors now? It seems that Venezuela is attracting bad news on an almost daily basis, and that the current government is running out of excuses to justify the dilapidated economy. The latest invention of the government it […]

Venezuela Currency Devaluation: Risk and Opportunity.

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How to convert $500 into $350.. While the failures of socialism and communism have been thoroughly documented, Venezuela announced a devaluation of their currency of 32% on Friday Feb 8th, 2013. In other words, if you had $100 on thursday, by friday you only had […]

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