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Business Opportunities in Panama

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Panama Public Administration, Law, and Justice (R) Second Programmatic Development Policy Loan: The objective is to support the Government’s overall objectives of: (a) increasing fiscal space, (b) strengthening fiscal management, (c) enhancing transparency, (d) improving the efficiency of public spending, and (e) strengthening social programs. Decision Meeting […]

Business Opportunities in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry (R) Hurricane Felix Emergency Recovery Additional Financing: The objective is to support the sustainable recovery of the communities affected by Huricane Felix in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) of Nicaragua. The grant was signed on 4 December 2012. Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P132108. US$ 5.0 […]

Business Opportunities in Honduras

Honduras Energy and Mining Sustainable Rural Energy Services: The objective is to scale up the provision of sustainable energy services (off-grid) and advanced biomass cookstoves for rural and periurban areas in Honduras. Project Concept Note scheduled for 31 January 2013. Environmental Assessment Category B. US$ 10.0 (CSCF). Consultants […]

Business Opportunities in Guatemala

Guatemala Industry and Trade (R) Enhancing Small and Medium Enterprise Productivity (Ln. 80000-GT): The objective is to improve competitiveness of micro and small businesses. Specifically, to strengthen value chains and clusters, improve the legal and regulatory framework for microfinance, improve the supply of business development services, […]

Business Opportunities in El Salvador

El Salvador Public Administration, Law, and Justice (R) Second Programmatic Development Policy Loan: Office furniture and appliances for the regional offices in La Union, and Ahuachapan, and office furniture and equipment for the headquarters of the Legislative Assembly. For additional information please contact the Oficina del […]

Business Opportunities in Cuba

Cuba Sugar Industry Management and Operations: Opportunities for FDI in the management and operation of sugar cane factories in the island with a capacity for over 7,000 tons of cane day. Capital required: $30 million USD. Alcohol Distillery Design, construction, and operation of new distilleries […]

Business Opportunities in Colombia

COLOMBIA Investment Opportunities in Forestry With 17 million suitable hectares for reforestation, scattered over different altitude levels, diversity of tree species, and important developments in the fields of genetics and biotechnology, optimal climatic conditions and tax benefits and incentives, Colombia is perfectly positioned as a […]

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