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Nicaragua Archives | Inloso
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New Interoceanic Canal in Nicaragua may compete with Panama’s for Shipping Traffic Business

Inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua as an alternative to the Panama canal.
Nicaragua will be initiating the construction of the their Inter-oceanic canal starting in 2014 or early 2015 and ending in in 2019, the work will be executed by HKND from china under a figure from grant and exploitation. With this Nicaragua will allow the passage of larger vessels between the Caribbean and the Pacific.

More Jobs for Nicaraguan Workers or They are Gone

With an economy based on non traditional employment, the current unemployment levels, raising the food and services prices, and increasing poverty levels, Nicaraguan citizens are saying that this is enough. According to a study by M&R Consulting, over 62% of the Nicaraguans will like a better standard of living, and more than 50% is willing to emigrate to the U.S., Costa Rica, and Spain.

Can Nicaraguan business afford an 18% cost increase?

Business in Nicaragua could receive an unexpected and unwelcome Valentine’s Day present, an adjustment to the minimum salary that could reach 18% if they meet the expectations of the strong Nicaraguan trade unions. In addition to the substantial salary increases, the unions are also demanding […]

Business Opportunities in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry (R) Hurricane Felix Emergency Recovery Additional Financing: The objective is to support the sustainable recovery of the communities affected by Huricane Felix in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) of Nicaragua. The grant was signed on 4 December 2012. Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P132108. US$ 5.0 […]

Retirement in Nicaragua: The New Promised Land

Perfect climate, low cost, and improving political environment. For those retirees tired of the recent monthlong snowstorms in the northern U.S. and Canada, and the stagnated economic grow rates of the U.S. Nicaragua could become the new retirement mecca. For potential retirees the country can […]

Over 300% FDI growth in Nicaragua: Time for Change in Central America

With the current crisis in Europe and the problems created by the fiscal debacle that is threatening the U.S. economic recovery, international investors are looking for diversification in Latin America. Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in Central and Latin America hosted three different commercial […]

Business Opportunities in Nicaragua: Data Center Project

The Nicaragua’s Ministry of Hacienda and Public Credit has opened a Data Center RFP to be held in Managua March 18-22, 2013 includes the following requirements: The objective is to review the current technologies and solutions for the development and operation of a national Data […]

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