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Import-Export Archives | Inloso
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Quieres Aprender a Exportar a los Estados Unidos?

Sabias que los países de Centro América y la república Dominicana combinados exportaron mas de $18,000,000,000 en productos y servicios a los E.U. en el 2009?  Dentro de estos $18 billones exportados a los E.U. estarian productos como textiles, y productos agrícolas ($6.2 billion) como […]

Panama Canal Delayed 5% of the world trade could be affected for six months!

Can the world wait six months, or should we start placing our orders now to be sure they arrive on time? The Panama Canal Authority just announced that the planned expansion of the canal will has been delayed until June 2015, a full six months […]

New Interoceanic Canal in Nicaragua may compete with Panama’s for Shipping Traffic Business

Inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua as an alternative to the Panama canal.
Nicaragua will be initiating the construction of the their Inter-oceanic canal starting in 2014 or early 2015 and ending in in 2019, the work will be executed by HKND from china under a figure from grant and exploitation. With this Nicaragua will allow the passage of larger vessels between the Caribbean and the Pacific.

From International Tourist to International Investor: Using globalization to increase your profits and reduce your risk.

After the dismal results of the last years, the economies of the U.S. and the E.U. have been dealt another blow by the economic community forecasters. According to the IMF and the FED, the expected U.S. is expected to grow only between 2%-2.5%, or about […]

Exportador o Consumidor, cual esta en tu futuro?

Exportación de acuerdo a la Real Academia de la Lengua Española esta definido como “la acción y efecto de exportar” o “conjunto de mercancías que se exportan” y podemos considerar que es la forma en la que la mayoría de las personas y empresarios la consideran. Pero quizás […]

Export: Why exporting can help you or your business?

Exporting can defined as: Selling goods in foreign markets as a way to earn profits Any transfer of products or services from one country to another. Why Export? Did you know that nearly 96 percent of consumers live outside the U.S. and two-thirds of the […]

From Employee to Exporter: Ready to change your office setting?

 Would you rather have this view from your home office or the one you have from your office now? While many people in the U.S. are still struggling with their 9-5 jobs, or dealing with the consequences of the hurricane Sandy, and the snowfalls of […]

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