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Building and Managing Virtual Teams

Today’s organizations are required to learn how to work in a virtual team environment in order to succeed in the marketplace. Managers and executives are struggling to find and develop the proper skill sets within their organizations. Our Building and Managing Virtual Teams seminar can help improve your organizational results through increased employee engagement and team performance.

Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Matter?

Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Matter, if that’s the case why do CXO, VP, and any other executive want higher pay, bonuses, vacation time, etc?

Transforming Cross-Cultural Challenges into Business Opportunities Seminar

Learn to mange up and manage down your organization structure, with a solid understanding of your co-workers, employees, managers, customers, and suppliers cultural motivational factors. This seminar can help you improve your ability to negotiate with your international customers and business partners, and to lead and motivate your employees. From employee rewards and recognition to customer satisfaction, if you want to advance your international career, this is the event you don’t want to miss.

Benefits of Cross-Cultural Training for your Company

The primary reason for your company and the actual only reason why your company stays in business and the value of your stock grows is because your organization provides a ROI to the stakeholders. The primary benefit of cross-cultural training for your company is higher sales and profitability through increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

What is Cross-Cultural Business Management

From employees to executives regardless of their position within a company individuals are bounded by their cultural background. Culture affects almost every single aspect of a business environment, from the way we perceive our bosses (Power Distance), to the focus on personal achievements (Masculinity), and can substantially impact an individual’s contribution to a company. Successful companies have learned to identify and address the needs of their multicultural employees and customers, and that could be one of the strongest competitive advantages in today’s multinational business environment.

Brazil tightens its belt ahead of tougher years

Brazil faces new challenges in the near future In the past few weeks the markets of the world and at different levels have been rattled by a single word: “tapering”. The term which has become a synonym for the Federal Reserve System of the United […]

Tienes o Estas Lanzando tu negocio? Hazlo globalmente, no esperes!

Aunque el modelo tradicional de negocios explica que toda empresa nueva se desarrolla siguiendo el modelo de Igor Ansoff, el fenómeno de globalizacion ha cambiado algunas de las teorías fundamentales de negocios. Empresas como Google, Facebook, y otras comenzaron en la forma tradicional, con sitios […]

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