Starting Your Own Business: It’s all about the tax code

Paraphrasing President Clinton famous campaign slogan “It is about the tax code …” If you read our previous articles Are you an Entrepreneur, or Can you Make it as a Business Owner you may have learned that you can have your own business, and be your […]

Starting Your Own Business: From Sole Proprietorship to Multinational Corporation

Can you do it alone or do you need an organization? Now that you are ready to launch your own business and wrote the One Page Business Plan, you are trying to decide what type of legal structure you need for your new company. This could […]

Starting Your Own Business: Financing your Start Up

You need money to make money! As mentioned before in some of the other articles in our Entrepreneur series, one of the basic business principles is the concept of ROI (Return On Investment), and one that many startup and established business forget on their quest […]

Starting Your Own Business: Can you make it as a business owner?

Do you know your market (product/suppliers/competitors/customers)? Unless you are already independently wealthy, and want to start a business just for fun, every prospective or actual business owners intends to make a living out of his/her business. Because of that reason before you invest a single […]

Starting your Own Business: Are you an Entrepreneur?

There are no secrets to success. it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Colin Powell While (or perhaps just because) the economy in the U.S. seems to be starting to recover, many people are dusting off their entrepreneurial hats and […]

Quieres Aprender a Exportar a los Estados Unidos?

Sabias que los países de Centro América y la república Dominicana combinados exportaron mas de $18,000,000,000 en productos y servicios a los E.U. en el 2009?  Dentro de estos $18 billones exportados a los E.U. estarian productos como textiles, y productos agrícolas ($6.2 billion) como […]

How to succeed on Business: It’s not what you say, but what others hear.

It’s the classical tale of foot in mouth disease.. It is interesting to see that after many years of hearing something, sometimes all you need is for someone else to explain it on a different way and finally you get it. I have to say […]

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