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Cultural Management Archives | Inloso
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Benefits of Cross-Cultural Training for your Company

The primary reason for your company and the actual only reason why your company stays in business and the value of your stock grows is because your organization provides a ROI to the stakeholders. The primary benefit of cross-cultural training for your company is higher sales and profitability through increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

What is Cross-Cultural Business Management

From employees to executives regardless of their position within a company individuals are bounded by their cultural background. Culture affects almost every single aspect of a business environment, from the way we perceive our bosses (Power Distance), to the focus on personal achievements (Masculinity), and can substantially impact an individual’s contribution to a company. Successful companies have learned to identify and address the needs of their multicultural employees and customers, and that could be one of the strongest competitive advantages in today’s multinational business environment.

Want to grow your business?: Make your employees happy

Employees are the engine of a business. If you don’t properly oil it and fuel it, you are not going to be successful. In today’s challenging economic times from the company janitor and interns, to the CXO’s, everybody knows that for U.S. and European Companies […]

Too Many Chiefs and Critics: If you can’t do it better, just support those who are actually working

If you can’t do it better, then just shut up! It is interesting that in today’s economically challenging times, the so called experts, and public in general continue to criticize companies like Amazon and their executive teams for being responsible and for knowing their business, […]

On Leadership: What are your Leadership Characteristics?

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” -Martin Luther King Jr. If you are reading the recent U.S. economic and jobs growth reports, you most probably can assume that the economy has finally turned around and that we […]

Motivating people: It is about Money!

Motivating people: It is about Money, and denying it will not change that fact. The only people who deny it are the ones trying to keep it for themselves. I have seen very few CXOs truly giving away their salaries AND stock options at the same time, or signing in for a compensation plan that is equal to their regular employees. If motivating people is not about money, why do CXOs earn such higher salaries?

Holland America Cruise Line Crew Member Attempts to Kill Passenger: A Potential Case of Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding

A Cross-Cultural misunderstanding may have caused a Holland America crew member to sexually and physically attack a passenger. On an interview with authorities the crew member indicated that he feel offended because of the remarks made by the passenger. In today’s multinational, multicultural work environment, companies may see themselves having to address these issues on a more regular basis if they don’t implement the proper cross-cultural strategies in the workplace.

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