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Driving in Costa Rica, it’s not just transportation, it’s an adventure.

You are ready to start your vacation after a couple of months of a terrible winter. After that there is nothing more liberating than getting down from the plane in a tropical paradise, walk to the rental car agency, sign the agreement, and get your […]

Costa Rica manipulates interest rates to control their currency valuation increase

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Costa Rica’s finance minister informed reporters that the country plans to reduce the country interest rates in order to control the local currency valuation trend, which was the best performing Latin America currency in 2012. The combination of a strong return rate of 10% in […]

Costa Rica expands their portfolio of Free Trade Agreements

In addition to the internationally recognized ecotourism industry, the Costa Rica government has been making an effort to increase the recognition of the country local business. In recent years Costa Rica has made a direct effort to increase the number existing Free Trade Agreements, which […]

Costa Rica Business Forecast for 2014

Current studies show that the Costa Rica forecast for 2014 shows both opportunities and challenges for the current government, and questions their ability to address them.

“Tax the Rich” can affect Costa Rica Real Estate Market

It seems that the idea to tax the rich to pay for the country needs is not limited only to the U.S. and Europe, and it has been also implemented in Costa Rica. A recent decree by the Ministry of Hacienda has increased the tax […]

Small Business in Costa Rica affected by the Economy, Credit Card, and Logistics challenges

As it happened before in the U.S. and Europe, the ticos (as the people from Costa Rica are called) have started to reduce their consumption levels and this is raising some concerns about the country’s economic future. Between the increase in credit card interest rates, […]

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