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Inclusion and Diversity Consulting

Because The world is Flat[1] and Organizations are starting to realize it.

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In recent years, with the increase in globalization and diversity in the workplace, cross-cultural management has become an important element of organizational life[2]. Today it is rare for companies not to have teams dispersed across countries, cultures and time zones, and colleagues are expected to work together, sometimes with little or no guidance from headquarters. The fact that many global teams are virtual compounds the difficulties these teams face, and virtual team development provides it’s own set of challenges. Learning how to manage geographically dispersed and culturally diverse teams and achieve maximum impact could potentially be one of the most important skills for an executive on his/her career development[3][4].


Experiences from Expatriate Executives

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Cross-cultural competence also comes into play in management styles. Expatriates may soon discover that the classical U.S. and European participative management is not always the best method to use in their new setting. This difference is even more marked in hierarchical societies, where asking for input may be viewed with suspicion, or as a possible ploy to either catch people who don’t know the right answer or setting them up to “lose face.” I have seen Latin American employees suspect a manager of being incompetent when he asked for their suggestions.


On the other side I have seen the opposite when a North American administrator attempted, without any consultation, to introduce a management solution based on “how we always do things at home.” His efforts ended in resistance and to the failure of the company project. Multinational managers who are able to navigate these cross-cultural minefields are the ones who can use their previous years of management experience and knowledge to understand the context they are working in, and will develop the appropriate strategies according to the situation.


Inclusion and Diversity Consulting

With over 20 years of multinational management expertise in the U.S. and Latin America business environment, Inloso can help you identify and properly address the challenges that you are facing in your multinational operations. In addition our partnership with ITIM International, and Profiles International gives you the programmatic and operational support of the leading companies in the Cultural Business Management, and Employee Assessments, research and consulting industries in the world. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Advanced Inclusion and Diversity Seminars
  • Cross-Cultural Executive Management
  • Multinational Performance Management
  • Cross-Cultural Recognition and Compensation Strategies
  • Multinational Strategic Business Development
  • International Customer, Partner, and Supplier Development
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