Cargo Week Americas – Mexico June 11-13, 2013

Cargo Week Americas the largest Latin America Logistics and Supply Chain conference will be held in Mexico City, June 11-13, 2013.

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The CWA conference will count with the participation of over 350 companies from 25 countries, and over 10,000 visitors from companies and organizations. The conference will focus on the latest air, sea, and land transportation and cargo suppliers and customer industry trends and technologies, helping connect regional experts and suppliers with their customers needs. Some of the seminar topics and segments will include:

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The International Perishable Logistics Forum:Focused on the development and sharing of processes and technologies designed to improve the handling, storage, and transportation of perishable products. Some of the primary industries represented will be the agricultural, beverage, meats, fish, and lactic products.

  • The International Export Manufacturing Forum: Latino America is quickly becoming again a valuable alternative to outsourcing to Asia, with shortened supply chains, and improved economic and political environments. This forum addresses the needs of the automotive, aeronautic, textile, pharmaceutical, textile, and electronic industries.
  • The International Dangerous Goods Forum: The business of dangerous goods has to deal not only with the standard storage, transportation, handling, and distribution challenges, but with the additional legal ones due to the potential for the utilization of its products by terrorists or as part of the drug wars. Some of the industries that are considered within this category include the oil and chemical industries, pharmaceutical products, and even the food and drugs industry.
  • The Asia Forum: With the recent economic development of Latin America, and it’s increased purchasing power, the Asia forum focuses not only on the classical Asia-to-America’s logistics trend, but the nascent Latin America-to-Asia link, helping companies better understand the Asian market and it’s possibilities. Companies represented will include organizations from the oil and gas, construction, pharmaceutical, construction, technology, and manufacturing industries.
  • The North American Forum: North America, including the U.S. and Canada, are still the primary potential business partner of Latin America, and this forum will address the latest strategies to improve the ability of companies to conduct business in the continent. We could consider that all regional industries with the potential to export their products should consider sending at least one of their representatives to this forum.
If you or your company is exporting its products, or it is planning to export your products or services in Latin America, this is one conference that you should consider participating. If your organization provides products and/or services in the transportation, warehousing, distribution, or customs clearance, this is one of the best opportunities to showcase your products to the thousands of interested participants in the event.
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