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When I was a corporate executive in the area of strategic planning, I quickly learned a very important lesson – the best way to ensure strategy implementation is to hire the right people into the company.

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Inloso High-Performance Hiring Solutions

According Forbes companies that want to improve their performance, need to implement the following 4 hiring practices:

The 4 “Rs” of Hiring

  1. Don’t ask magic bullet questions: “If you were an animal, what animal you will be, a Lion or a Worm?”…... Focus on getting to know the candidate and their job-related experience, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors.
  2. Clearly define the position and requirements: “The employee will be a team player and contributor to the company”……This is the opportunity to clearly state and look for those complementary skills and abilities that can help you improve your organization performance.
  3. Test Candidates: “We have an opening for a Nuclear Power Plant Engineer, and we trust your word that you can do it”…… We all know that people will embellish their resumes in order to tailor it to the job they’re applying for. You need to test them in order to truly determine if they are a good fit for your organization.
  4. Involve Others: “I truly like this person, I am sure others will too”……. Give the people that will have to interact with the candidate the opportunity to provide their input will provide additional perspectives, and give them an opportunity to start getting to know the new candidate.
  • Right Candidate

  • Right Job

  • Right Team

  • Right Time



Inloso High-Performance Hiring Solutions

We can help you increase employee engagement, productivity, and company profitability. Our hiring solutions can help you identify, hire, onboard and develop the right candidates for your organization in the areas of:

1.     Professional and Technical Employees

2.     Sales and Marketing

3.     Customer Service

4.     Leadership and Management


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