International IT Convention in Cuba: March 18-23rd.

15th International Convention and Fair Informática 2013. (courtesy of
15th International Convention and Fair Informática 2013. (courtesy of

The 15th IT International Convention and Fair will be held in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, March 18th – 22nd, 2013.

For those companies and organizations interested in exploring new business opportunities in Cuba, the 15th IT convention could give them an opportunity to learn about the needs of the country, and potentially their future developments.

The conference will include topics such as:

  • 1st International DTV Forum: Focused on the adoption of the Digital Television standards in Cuba
  • The Enterprise forum: Focused on the exchange between entrepreneurs, executives, researchers, and business.
  • Personalized and Portable Web Tools: Focused on the identification and development of web based programs and tools developed to improve productivity, reduce risk, and increase overall user adoption of the technology.

Can U.S. companies participate?

(courtesy of
(courtesy of

While U.S. companies have been historically banned from conducting business in Cuba, recent changes to the embargo have opened new opportunities in the area of telecommunications. According to the U.S. April 2009 directive, U.S. based companies can enter into agreements with the current government including the following exceptions to the current embargo:

  • U.S. telecommunications network providers will be authorized to enter into agreements to establish fiber-optic cable and satellite telecommunications facilities linking the United States and Cuba;  
  • U.S. telecommunications service providers will be eligible for licenses to enter into and operate under roaming service agreements with Cuba’s telecommunications service providers;  
  • U.S. satellite radio and satellite television service providers will be eligible for licenses to engage in transactions necessary to provide services to customers in Cuba;  
  • Persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction will be eligible for licenses to activate and pay U.S. and third-country service providers for telecommunications, satellite radio and satellite television services provided to individuals in Cuba, except certain senior Communist Party and Cuban government officials; and  
  • Consistent with national security concerns, the export or re-export to Cuba of donated personal communications devices such as mobile phone systems, computers and software, and satellite receivers through a license exception will be authorized. 
Cellular telephony utilization grows in Cuba. (courtesy of
Cellular telephony utilization grows in Cuba. (courtesy of

Considering the recent changes announced by Cuban’s President Raul Castro, U.S. companies in the telecommunication and broadcasting industries should start considering their participation in this and similar events in the island. If you are interested in learning more about the recent changes, and/or will like to receive further information you can subscribe to receive our articles. If U.S. companies don’t start to take advantage of the announced changes, they will continue to loose their competitiveness against the already established european and latin american companies that are already conducting business in the country.

Feel free to contact us if you will like your company to be represented in this, or future similar events. We look forward to be able to help you develop and launch your strategic plan for Cuba.

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