Business Opportunities in Cuba

Flag of Cuba
Flag of Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sugar Industry

Management and Operations:

Opportunities for FDI in the management and operation of sugar cane factories in the island with a capacity for over 7,000 tons of cane day.

Capital required: $30 million USD.

Alcohol Distillery

Design, construction, and operation of new distilleries including the processing, marketing, and sales of sugar cane alcohol in sugar cane factories with a capacity for over 7,000 tons of cane a day.

Capital required: $15 million USD.

Agriculture and Forestry

Wood and Carbon Bonus Management

Development, management, marketing, and sales of wood and wood products, and carbon exchange bonuses in underutilized areas of the country.

Capital required: $ 189 million USD.


Two different projects for the development, management, marketing, and sales of fresh and processed fruits. Includes the necessary technologies, processes, and expertise.

Capital required: $ 50 million USD, and $24 million USD.


Bioelectric Power Plants

Development, construction, and operation of 30MW bioelectric power plants in locations associated with current sugar cane factories, designed to use their byproducts.

Capital required: $ 80 million USD.

Electric wind generation

Development, construction, and operation of nine (9) wind turbine projects in the island. Each project should generate about 30MW of power.

Capital required: $ 70 million USD each.


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