Costa Rica Business Forecast for 2014

Macroeconomics and microeconomics are difficult to control for a Government also to deal with the effects of the same, the key is to have good economic advisers that help to beat the effects that these aspects can cause a little to fix and maintain a good economic level in a suitable country for business and other important activities.

For Costa Rica as the other countries of the Central American region is no exception, in a given case we see the case of Costa Rica:

  • The challenge of the next Government will be combated by all means – not only through macroeconomic policy – poverty and inequality.   [1]
  • If fiscal policies were costly and fail are agreements to increase revenue, the fiscal situation will deteriorate significantly.   [2]

Unfortunately not only in Costa Rica if not also to worldwide crises with increasingly more continuous and the populations increasingly have less positivism in your family’s future, among the great challenges of the Government of Costa Rica:

Costa Rica Business Outlook for 2014

Employment, poverty and inequality.

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Like other years, macroeconomic policy must aim to satisfy simultaneously several goals: stability of prices and the financial system (which will not address on this occasion), and the general foundations to contribute to growth and job creation, and reduce poverty and inequality. Will they be achieved in 2014? We believe that the first −stability of prices− is within the reach of the Government and the BCCR, at least in the first half. But we have reservations about the decrease of unemployment, poverty and inequality, which require, at a minimum, high growth rates sustained for long periods. And that, in the first half of next year, will not happen.   [3]

The Government tries to do what it can to improve this situation, but people are this tired of not having fast and permanent solutions really the situation of crime in Costa Rica as the rest of Central America requires more investment and cooperation that is done now, see the following data only from Costa Rica:

  • A 65.8 population expected to more unemployment and 71.5% more poverty[4]
  • Pessimism reigns in the social policy of the country, specifically in the indicators of poverty and unemployment. 71.5% Of the population considers that the first rise and 65.8% that more people won’t have work, over the next 12 months.   [5]
  • The number of unemployment with respect to previous August was 64.3%. A 23.8% believe that this indicator will remain equal and 8.3% which will be less. 2.1% Replied that he did not know.   [6]
  • With regard to poverty, the situation is similar, 71, 5% believe that it will increase during the next 12 months and was 68.9% in the previous survey.   [7]

As revealed by the data from this study in contrast with the previous arguments shown clearly that Costa Rica has a great challenge. If Costa Rica which is one of the more developed countries of the Central American region is in this situation there is a great challenge for other countries in the region on this issue also. The factor that can make the difference are the public policies and social investment.




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